Thursday, July 26, 2007

Community Marriage Covenant

Please Click on the image to enlarge it for easier reading. I pray it will be a blessing to you.

This Community Marriage Covenant was created by building on the good model from the Tallahassee Community Marriage Covenant, while adding Bible Verses to support each section, and adding a section about Layman Marriage Mentors.

This "Virginia" Community Covenant for Marriage was created for the Mount Vernon and Northern Virginia Marriage Savers Conference held on 31 October anno domini 2000, at Belle View Baptist Church in the Mount Vernon area of Alexandria. The Pastor at the time was Dr. Allen Kelley.

The Mount Vernon Marriage Savers Conference got the Top billing in the "Day Book" page of The Washington Times, and was covered by the Associated Press Religion Reporter.

The Speaker for the Marriage Savers Conference was the co-founder of the Marriage Savers ministry, Michael J. McManus who with his wife Harriet saw the need to save marriages.

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